Antipasto Chandelier  for 2 £9.45 for 4 £ 16.25

Our signature choise of cheese and salami,served with mixed olives

Gamberoni Mugnan £ 9.50

Sautèed prawns in chilli and garlic sauce ,quenched whit white wine

Calamari e zucchine £ 8.90

Deep fried calamari and courgettes in tempura served whit spicy mango sauce

Salmon tartar £ 9.90 

Marinated salmon ,served on bed of avocado caviar and our signature sauce 

Tricolore salad £ 7.90

Tomato , avvocado, buffalo mozzarella and basil

Mix Salad £ 6.50

Mixed baby leaves , tomato,cucumber , red onion, olives,and our salad dressing

Caesar salad £ 6.50

Romano lettuce ,marinated in caesar dressing ,parmisan cheese,croutons 
Add chicken £ 2.50

Soup of the day £ 6.95

Ask member of hte staff

Spaghetti pomodoro £ 6.90

spaghetti in tomato and basil sauce 

Spahetti bolognese £ 9.90

spaghetti in beef mince bolognese sauce 

Penne Arrabbiata £ 7.50

penne in spicy tomato sauce

Penne chicken traffle £ 9.90

penne in creamy chicken and traffle sauce 

tagliatelle Carbonara £ 8.50

tagliatelle in smoked pancetta and classic carbonara sauce 

Tagliatelle al pesto £ 8.90

Tagliatelle in creamy and basil sauce 

Linguine sea food £ 13.90

Linghuine whit prawns , clamari, clams and massels in cherry tomato and white wine sauce 

Linghuine Lobster  (half) £17.50 Whole £ 35.00

Linghine whit lobster in cherry tomato and white wine sauce , touch of chilli and rocket leaves on the top

Raviolo rosso £ 10.30

Fresh pasta filled whit ricotta and spinach served in tomato and creamy sauce 

Ravioli Mushroom and truffle £11.30

fresh pasta filled whit mushroom in creamy truffle sauce 

Grilled chicken 350gr £ 10.50

 chicken breast on charcoal grill served whit roast potatoes and mixed vegetables 

Sirloin steak 300gr £ 18.50

sirloin steak on charcoal grill served whit chips and peppercon or mashroom sauce

Lamp chops 300gr £ 16.90

best end lamb ribs on charcoal grill served whit roasted baby potatoes and mixed vegetables

Lamb Shank 400gr £ 16.50

lamb shank slow cooked in honey wine and mint sauce ,served on bed of mashed potatoes

Duck £ 13.80

Duck breast in honey and orange sauce ,served on a bed of parsnip purèe

Chicken Apple and ginger 250gr £ 11.50

chicken breast in apple and ginger sauce ,served on bed of carrot purèe

Beef fillet 200gr  £ 22.50

Grilled beef in mushroom or peppercorn sauce ,served whith mashed potatoes 

Salmon 200gr £ 15.90

Pan seared fillet ,served on bed of parsnip purèe and asparagus 

Grelled Sea Bass 300gr £ 16.50

Grilled sea bass fillet, served whith mixed vegetables and lemon sauce 

Salmon Mustarda 200gr 

salmon fillet in mustard creamy sauce walnuts,served whit chips

tomato onion salad £ 4.25

Rocket salad £ 5.30

Mixed vegetables £ 4.60

Chips £ 3.50

Tender stem broccoli £ 4.80

Sautèed mushrooms £ 3.80

Sautèed Spinach £ 4.30

Sautèed Asparagus £ 5.10

Roasted potatoes £ 4.50


Chandelier  £ 10.92

tomato basil sauce , mozzarella, peperoni, rocket , parma ham, fresh cerry tomato, and parmisan cheese 

Margherita £7.90

tomato basil sauce and mozzarella cheese

Napoli £ 8.50

tomato basil sauce ,mozzarella cheese ,capers, anchovies and black olives

Vegetarian £ 8.50

tomato basil sauce ,mozzarella cheese, mushrooms ,artchoke and black olives

Peperoni £ 8.70

tomato basil sauce ,mozzarella cheese and peperoni

Americano £ 8.90

tomato basil sauce , mozzarella cheese peperoni and chilli

4 Formaggi £ 9.50

Mozzarella,gorgonzola,goats and parmisan cheese

4 Stagioni  £ 9.52

tomato basil sauce , mozzarella, peperoni, artichoke, mushrooms black olives and ham

3 Kind £ 10.50

Tomato basil sauce ,mozzarella,peperoni,chicken and pancetta 

Fiorentina £ 8.50

tomato basil sauce , mozzarella, spinach ,egg and parmisan chees 

Prosciutto crudo £11.50

tomato basil sauce , mozzarella ,mushrooms ,black olives ,and parma ham

Calzone £ 11.30

Folden pizza .filled whit chicken ,peperoni, mozzarella and tomato basil sauce 


Homemade Tiramisù £ 6.00

Strawberry cheescake £6.00

Souffle al Choccolate £ 5.80

Cheescake caramel £ 5.50

Ice cream selection £ 4.50